Derek's Family Photo Album

I have on occasion visited the homepages of people that I knew and/or fellow students at the University of Massachussetts Lowell and wondered why it was that they put up pictures of their friends and/or familly. Yet here I am doing it myself... Why? I guess these are many of the people responsible for shaping me into me, for better or for worse. I suppose they deserve their own special place, even if it is on this crummy web page...

Derek by the
				Christmas tree

Well, here's me for starters. I think this is Christmas 1994. I suppose I'm as responsible as anyone for shaping me, though I hate to admit it some times... "Blame is better to give than receive." --Neil Peart Freewill    [Yes, I'm a Rush fan.]

This is perhaps not a very good picture of me, but then since I'm the shutterbug, I don't really have too many good pictures of myself. Actually these days since I've been in Asia, I have accumulated a few more. Look for those in my various sections about Asia, if you're curious.

The Family

dad by the fire

Here's my illustrious dad, and appliance repairman extraordinaire, Ed. Here he's seen standing by the fireplace modeling the University of Lowell (as it was then called) sweatshirt I bought for him. He's quite the fashion plate too!

mom... Surprise!

Here's mom... Remember when you were really little and you didn't know your parents had names other than Mom & Dad?

In this picture, I've surprised my mom coming around the corner. She's a bit camera shy, and I usually have to resort to some sort of subterfuge to get a picture of her. She'd probably kill me if she saw this picture up here.

Here's my mom again, apparently choking my little nephew Petey. He's about a week old or so in this picture. Isn't he cute?


Here's the little munchkinmeister, Petey. This is when he was at his most adorable stage... approximately 1 year old. Why do they have to get older? Right now, hes a little monster, Un Petit Monstre!

Petey and Santa

Here's the munchkinmeister again, only not so small... And that's Santa he's with, at EPCOT in Florida.


Here's my sister Jayma, Petey's mom, also at EPCOT. She likes this photo a lot better than the one which was here before...

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