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As I mentioned, I used to play a lot of on-line first-person shooter (FPS) games. The first was Quake II. I'd played lots of other FPS games before that, but never on the Internet. My favorite before that was Shadow Warrior.

Well, for a long while, my favorite was Team Fortress Classic, a particular flavor of Half-life which was originally a mod for the Quake I engine. When I got my first fast Internet connection, I had been using the name Captain Pizza. At that time, I wanted to set up my own server, so I could ensure that everyone was playing fair and behaving well. Captain Pizza needed a place to call home, so naturally, I called it the Pizza Shack.

Oh, and as for where Captain Pizza came from... I had used the name Captain Carnage when playing Quake II on-line. (Some of you may remember me wasting your butt with a well-placed rocket...) But I felt like that name sounded too cocky and too serious, and playing games is supposed to be fun! So I wanted to go with something with a bit more levity. I like using military titles though, so I wanted to stick with captain or major or... I was driving to the grocery store in my neighborhood, and nearby there is a pizza shop called Captain Pizza. Perfect.

What, not as interesting as you'd hoped it'd be? Get over it. What'd you expect, anyway?

Half-life is a registered trademark of Valve Software, or Sierra. I think. Team Fortress Classic, and TFC, may or may not be registered trademarks. Sierra is pretty vague about these things... Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.