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First, a disclaimer: hither and thither through this site, you'll find some links that are broken. I know about them, so there's no need to e-mail me. I'll fix them one of these days... Now, on to business!

Once upon a time, this was the home of Pizza Shack TFC, a Half-life™ Team Fortres Classic server. Those days are long gone... These days, I've been spending a lot of time sharpening my coding skills, and working on free software. This page is now dedicated primarily to providing a home for some of the more useful projects. Why pizzashack? See the history link.  =8^) If you're looking for my home page, try here instead. Well, if it's not there now, it'll be there one of these days...

Projects hosted here include:

    A restricted shell for limiting access to restricted hosts, via only scp, sftp, or both.

    Netutils for Linux
    replacements for the ifconfig and route programs from Linux net-tools.

    mutt patches
    Some patches I've put together for the mutt mailer

Less interesting programs (mostly not under development):

    a typical IP calculator

    A file locking editor wrapper. admedit locks a file, then runs your favorite editor on the file, helping to prevent two system administrators (or other users) from editing the same file at the same time. Mostly useful for such files as /etc/passwd or other system configuration files which are difficult to keep in a revision control system.

Since I'm currently unemployed, there will no doubt be more to come! I have a bunch of other projects in the pipeline, but none are yet in a state where I'm prepared to make them publicly available. When they are, this will be the place to find them.

Half-life is a registered trademark of Valve Software, or Sierra. I think. Team Fortress Classic, and TFC, may or may not be registered trademarks. Sierra is pretty vague about these things... Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.