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Derek at age 9

Yeah, that's me, age 9. Aren't I adorable? Until fairly recently, good photos of me have been hard to come by. I'm usually the one with the camera, and few of my friends are shutterbugs... Actually these days I do have some better photos taken since my first trip in Asia, which you should find strewn throughout the site. But I like this photo of me, taken by my dad with my first camera. It is a reminder of both my younger days and also of my first website, which featured this photo. For those who are wondering about the title of this page, Mysterious Wysteria is the title of the reading book we used in my first grade English class. Exactly why I remember that, or why I decided to use it for the title of this web page, I have no idea...

It's amazing how much of your time can disappear when you're spending it maintaining a website like this one...

On this page, you'll find lots of photographs of my friends and family, my travels, and lots of other pretty things that I've been fortunate enough to witness and capture on film (or the electronic equivalent of film). There are also links to my friends' home pages, so you can see what they've been up to. And you can also find links which hint to my more geeky aspect, including professional information, computer code I've written, technical essays, etc. As with any home page, some of the content is missing, either because it's not prepared for publication yet, or because I haven't written it yet. ;-) I hope for this web page to become a sort of ongoing cronicle of my life, which hopefully will be interesting to at least some people...

And now, because my home page really needed some organization, I present to you a more-or-less comprehensive guide to the rest of my website in some semblance of order. Below are links to pretty much all the other web pages I've worked on (those which still exist, anyway), and possibly a bunch that I had nothing to do with, beyond enjoying spending time surfing them. Hopefully, you'll enjoy these at least as much as I do. Links with "New!" or "Updated!" next to them have (in theory) been added or modified as of the date this page was last modified, as shown at the very bottom of the page.

Teaching (and learning) Korea

Derek in Asia

Family, Friends, and Home

Other Travels

Geeky Stuff

  • Pizza Shack - my other web page, filled with my programming projects, etc.
  • My PGP public key - in case you know what to do with it...
  • rssh - the ever-popular SSH-restricting replacement shell
  • Using Linux and Korean - this is mostly here so I'll remember to work on it
  • more to come later

Links to Friends' Websites

Ok, that's it for now. See ya 'round.

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